The difference between Bluetooth headset and TWS Bluetooth headset

In the early days, the Bluetooth headset using a single unit into the ear design, later also evolved out of some double side unite connected with one wire Bluetooth headset, although the two sides unite of the headset can make the sound at the same time, rely on wire connection.

And now the true wireless Bluetooth headset, which uses a more radical design, there is no wire between the two headphones unite, but there will still be the main and vice when connected, the phone is first connected to the main headset unite and then connected to the vice headset unite, the two headphones unite connected to complete to work properly. That is, the "true wireless" Bluetooth headset is not only wirelessly connected to the phone, the main and secondary headphones are also connected in a wireless way.

Benefits of TWS

Compared to ordinary Bluetooth headsets, the TWS True Wireless Bluetooth headset offers the following advantages.

1. True wireless structure, completely eliminating wired troubles and more freedom of movement.
2. Use in multiple ways, can be enjoyed individually, shared, or used as two machines.