Why can't people genuinely tell the difference between headphones

Usually, most people don’t understand the difference in headset quality level, everything sounds the same or negligibly different, even the soundstage seems to be the same. It's not because you are a wooden ear! But because you have not heard the live performance, and little contact with the musical instruments! I haven't had much contact with instruments and live performances before, so I can't tell how many instruments are playing in a song.

The first time I heard live was in a cathedral in the capital city! That was a real live composition and music, and I was really blown away! Later, I often hear live music, buy instruments, and pay to listen to many concerts of singers! Now I can tell the difference between headphones! The human ear is not able to hear the limit, not up to the level of animal hearing. To distinguish the difference between headphones, you have to be able to hear a song played by several instruments first, to distinguish the instruments, you need more contact with the instruments, or listen to more live performances.

People often can not hear the difference between headphones is normal, no touch with the instrument is not felt!