How to protect your hearing?

Statistics show that with the widespread use of smartphones, computers and other electronic devices, about half of the people who listen to music through personal audio devices are using volumes that are at risk of hearing loss.

The World Health Organization recommends safe listening behavior, that is, listening behavior that does not endanger your hearing health. So, from the point of view of listening to personal audio devices, it is important to keep in mind the rules of hearing protection.

"60-60-60 rule": that is, the volume of headphones must be less than 60 decibels, headphone volume must be less than 60% of the maximum volume, continuous use of headphones must be less than 60 minutes.

Do not wear headphones in a noisy environment: take public transport environment, the background noise, if you use headphones, will unconsciously increase the volume of headphones. And, also easy to bring traffic safety hazards.

The choice of headphones: the best choice of headphones over-ear type, the external ear canal and the stimulation of the eardrum is small. The volume of the headphones should be free and flexible so that once the sound is too loud and other situations can be adjusted in time.